The Colombian “Project” – An explanation


Firstly, we’d like to give you a warm welcome to our Colombian Project blog. After a long time coming, we’re finally here and raring to go.

You’d be forgiven in not making an instant connection between a company going by the name of  ‘project’ and adventure travel. After all, don’t all travel companies just sell trips and holidays that are ready to go, neatly packaged? Well most do, if not all. That’s where we like to think that we’re a little bit different. You see for us this business is a vehicle by which we carry out our work and hopefully do some good along the way. That’s the idea anyway.

A project, by definition is a: “plan, scheme, an undertaking required concerted effort..” … has a definite start, actions along the way, a lot of effort behind it and a clear overriding aim.

So what’s the start? What’s the work? and most importantly, What’s the aim or scheme?

Let’s start at the beginning.



Frailejones - Cardenas River Canyon - Paramillo del Quindio - PNN Los  Nevados - Colombia. Copyright The Colombian Project


Why we exist


In a nutshell the The Colombian Project was formed on the basis of one thought that has since evolved in its maturity, clarity and depth, though still essentially remains the same: To show this amazing country and deliver its mind-blowing experiences to the world.

We felt and feel an inherent responsibility to share Colombia’s unrivalled natural beauty, diversity and a history and culture so thick and rich it almost resembles the ‘Bocadillo’ sweet that is so common here. Pure, indigenous, sweet to the taste and full of flavour and colour. So that’s why we started – we want visitors (our clients) to be left as spell-bound as we were during our own life-changing experiences.


Photo Coffee farm landscape, Tolima Province, Colombia tour. Copyright The Colombian Project


What’s the work?


Abundant, engaging and fulfilling are three words I’d use to describe the work associated with The Colombian Project. To understand what we’re about let’s say that we’re not content with the norm. Why would we be? Why be the same as everyone else?

It’s not that we put great effort into being different, we just are. We feel that we’re unique in the sense that we love adventure and we’re willing to start from scratch and investigate, get-to-know, develop and offer experiences that we know are the best out there. This, of course, takes a lot of time and effort but the fulfilment and enjoyment we get from our endeavours are worth every minute, every step and every drop of sweat.

What is clear – even after years of putting in the ‘hard yards’ – is that we’re only just beginning to scratch the surface ever so slightly of Colombia’s gargantuan potential, both natural and cultural.

It’s worth mentioning  however, that Colombia has many well established tourist destinations that are world class in their own right.  We of course offer these classic destinations that are causing and have caused so much commotion around the world – we love them and enjoy them just as much as the next person. Of course we do. Whilst we try to build a unique portfolio we wouldn’t bite our nose off to spite our face, after all, a great destination is a great destination. And in Colombia, as the world is just finding out, there are loads that are already on offer. And hundreds to be found. Thousands maybe.



Cloud Forest - Farallones de Cali - Cauca Valley - Colombia - Copyright The Colombian Project



What’s the aim?


By our our own experience, once you see something often enough you get to know it. We feel that we know Colombia inside out up to a point, though we’re constantly learning more each day. Aside from our own personal connections with the country to influence things, we know that as a business that interacts with Colombia’s most delicate ecosystems and communities, that we’re in a position of great responsibility towards Colombia and its people.

You see we know just how delicate and pristine Colombia is. Its violent and widely documented past – in a way – has protected Colombia’s territory. The FARC have maybe been Colombia’s best park wardens, preventing the encroaching development that drives any country forward from invading, altering and even destroying its many unique natural areas, sanctuaries and communities.

Now that the country is much safer, natural areas, towns and cities forgotten or avoided by the outsider are suddenly accessible; paradoxically putting Colombia at an instant disadvantage. On the one hand it has all this amazing stuff to show and tell, and on the other, it’s plain to see that Colombia is not ready for a sudden influx of tourism – the threat of visitors swamping a place, paying a quick buck that won’t last once the town has lost its identity, character and treasures that were so well preserved  prior to the country entering the world stage again.

That’s where we feel it comes down to businesses such as ours to ensure that these destinations, natural or man-made, are delivered with a sustainable future.

If we don’t protect, conserve, educate or train whilst we deliver, then eventually we’ll have nothing left to give. The destination will lose its reason of being and more importantly, a tiny piece of the country – it’s natural or human aspect – is lost.

Once that happens, of which there have been many cases all around the world – people won’t want to visit any more.

So this is our aim – to deliver Colombia in a responsible way. Driving change and social development where the destination or attraction is protected, preserved and proudly shown off, by its own people. Colombia’s people have been through a lot. Now its time for them to prosper.



Heliconia - Neotropical flora - Coffee Region - Colombia - Copyright The Colombian Project


What’s coming up


We’re very happy to have finally launched our website after months and months of hard work. We have no doubt it will become a leading authority on Colombia. We will deliver outstanding information on:

  • Amazing experiences
  • Everyday life
  • News and events
  • Culture
  • Nature
  • History
  • Biodiversity
  • Sustainability
  • Conservation

and much, much more, through our blog, our photos and various social platforms. It’s time to show what this country is really  made of!

We’ll be launching a number of series about different subjects close to our and our visitors hearts – we hope you’ll like them.

We’re sure that we’ll bring a level of detail on Colombia that has yet to be seen.

So that’s it for now, we hope that you’ve enjoyed our little introduction, see you very soon!

Juan & The Team


Author: Juan Ortiz