It’s a beautiful thing being able to discover something different, frequently breathtaking and most definitely not the norm. Here in Colombia you have that chance with our tailor made holidays. That’s our promise to you.

Start your journey at home and let us take you through the exciting process that is tailor made travel – The Colombian Project way.

Your passions, tastes time and budget are the defining factors in the creation of our tailor made holidays. They enable us to provide a bespoke holiday, unique to you.

We will look for the best accommodation, guides and experiences to suit your precise needs, and will take you through the entire tailor made travel process from start to finish until you’re happy.

Our trips range from comfortable culture and nature tours, to adventurous treks into remote areas that are simply breathtaking.

We deliver the best and most comfortable services available and also provide trips that are completely off the beaten track, it’s totally up to you.

We also offer the more popular but equally unmissable destinations which all make up fantastic tailor made holidays in Colombia.

You can tailor your trip to make it last for as long as you want.

A typical trip to Colombia that includes time in the capital, visits to important cultural and historical cities and regions with some relaxation time on the Caribbean coast can take anything from 14 days, depending on your preferences.

We ensure that our clients who experience our tailor made holidays and have sufficient time to maximise real cultural interaction and appreciation of the places that they visit.


Our treks range from one day ‘out-and-back-again’ hikes to mountain adventures that can last for weeks. It is all dependent on one thing: you.

Short Breaks

If you are looking for a short trip in the search of some sun or planning a long weekend break in the capital then we can also help. Contact us with your exact requirements so we can get to work on your trip.

Our tailor made holidays needn’t be a luxury. Our prices are very competitive and offer great value for money with a high level of service, comfort and quality and a wealth of experiences included. With us, what you see is what you get.

As a rough guide, a standard 14 day trip for 2 people* starts at £3,000 GBP per person, including internal flights.

We don’t provide international flights. Please have a look at our frequently asked questions for details on what’s included within our trip prices.

*With our discount structure, the larger the group – the lower the price. Please contact us for more details. Our tailor made holidays are priced using the same methods as our set tours.

At The Colombian Project we’re specialists in what we do and have vast travel experience in the region. The relationships that we’ve built up over the years with locals have allowed us to develop and offer destinations to our clients that were previously unknown.

We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of experience investigation, getting clients to places that others can’t get to and are always looking for the next amazing experience that Colombia has to offer.

We were English-speaking travellers here in the past and we’ve been in your position. We know what you expect in terms of service, quality and comfort. We’d expect the same.

Safety is paramount to us and our logistics and trip planning will keep you as safe, everywhere you go. We meticulously plan each stage to ensure no stone is left unturned.

We’ re constantly thinking of better ways to deliver our tailor made holidays. We cannot afford to stand still – it’s not in our nature to. In this way we ensure that our service is always the best it can be, drawing on both our own experiences and those of our clients.

Whilst we pride ourselves on being intrepid adventurers, we don’t take risks. What’s the point? We want you to have an amazing holiday and experience that will stay with you for the rest of your life and hopefully your return trips, not law-suits.

You can travel as a couple or in a group of up to 12 people, which is our maximum group size.

Why do we have this limit? Well, the ecosystems and sites that we visit are incredibly fragile and we therefore try to reduce our impact to as little as possible – having smaller groups helps ensure this.

We also try to make the visit, experiences and service as personalised as possible. This can make the difference between a good trip and a great trip. Smaller groups ensure that you get the attention and insight that you deserve.

The Colombian Project prides itself on its local knowledge, formed by invaluable contacts and relationships that we’ve built up over the years with locals during our many adventures.

Through our network we have access to areas of high scientific, cultural and historical importance, and places that have yet to be discovered by the average tourist.

With this in mind we cater for scientific expeditions, academic investigations, journalists and documentary makers by bringing our high-level of quality and knowledge together with our amazing destinations and specialist logistics.

Contact us for more information.

We love Colombia and everything in it, so as a company we see it as our duty to protect and preserve the nature, culture and history that we include in our trips. To do this we’ve implemented recognised sustainable development strategies when developing our holidays.

You can feel comfortable in the knowledge that you are travelling in a responsible way, with friends who are committed to ensuring that the trip itself will help conserve what we love to see.

The Colombian Project will always look for the best way in which to provide a responsible and sustainable trip to the protected areas that we include within our experiences.