The Historical and Archaeological Sites of Colombia

Colombia – a country associated with colour, natural beauty, tropical warmth and endless bounty. This vision has throughout history, attracted humans to its shores with a dream of life and plenty. Throughout tens of thousands of years Colombia has been home to numerous civilizations distributed over its broken and rugged geography. Thankfully, some of the magical works that these pre-Columbian cultures produced have survived, leaving us in awe as to their advanced methods, intricacy and importance to the people who created them.

The Colombian Project has pioneered Colombia’s only historical and archaeological tour in one of the continent’s most historically important yet least studied countries. We have gathered together some of the country’s top experts in their respective fields such as anthropology, colonial history, archaeology, sociology and archaeobotany, all included to give an unprecedented insight into sites that we include in our experiences. Our experts are conducting ongoing studies which, excitingly, you can become a part of.

During your visit Colombia’s deep and diverse story will start to emerge, as we explore its wonderful pre-Columbian and Spanish colonial history across the country, in various settings, from the humid forests of the Amazon, to the temperate forests and mountains of the Andes, to the dry tropical forests of the Caribbean coast.

For well-read and inquisitive travellers, Colombia is a true historian’s paradise which will leave you yearning for more.

Our Colombian Project H&A Tours’

Only tour of its kind

This tour is unlike anything being offered in Colombia right now



Colombia’s foremost experts

 On the various cultures and historical sites that we include in our tours


Ongoing discoveries

 That allow our clients to become immersed in new investigations


Stunning locations

 In Colombia’s mountains, plains, jungles and coastline


UNESCO World Heritage Sites

 Have been included, both current and those that have been nominated to the World Heritage List


Natural history

 Most historical sites are surrounded by exuberant nature and a variety of ecosystems, all filled with wildlife


Days 1 – 2: Arrive Bogota, visit both Gold and Botero Museums with walking tour of historical sector of La Candelaria. Panoramic views from the top of Monserrate.

Days 2 – 4: Transfer to Sogamoso and visit Eliecer Silva Celis Museum of the Muiscas, Monquira Archaeological Park, Villa de Leyva, Zipaquira Salt Cathedral, Sutatausa Church, accompanied by historian and museum and archaeological park director.

Days 5 – 6: Fly to San Jose del Guaviare and visit Cerro Azul and Raudal del Guayabero pictograph sites, accompanied by archaeobotanist and expert on the ancient cultures of the Amazon basin.

Days 7 – 10: Fly to Neiva and transfer to San Agustin. Visit various sites, viewing monolithic statues and burial mounds accompanied by local archaeological expert.

Days 11 – 13: Fly to Santa Marta and visit Pueblito (Chairama) archaeological site in PNN Tayrona accompanied by sociologist and expert of the Kogi and Tayrona cultures. Drive to Cartagena de Indias accompanied by local historian. Fly home.


  • San Agustin Archaeological Park
  • Cerro Azul & Raudal del Guayabero pictograph sites
  • The Lost City
  • Tierradentro
  • Pueblito Archaeological site
  • Muisca Museum Eliecer Silva Celis
  • Cartagena de Indias
  • Zipaquira Salt Cathedral
  • Bogota
  • Villa de Leyva
  • Sutatausa
  • Infiernito Archaeological Park

14-Day fully guided itinerary from $2,800 USD / £1,930 GBP

**Based on 12pax sharing on a twin occupancy basis. Includes Bogota & Cartagena

Private departures and group tours up to 12pax available


Mid-December to March; late June to Late September



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What our clients say

Thanks again Juan for all your hard work and cooperation on this trip – have to say, in spite of a tight deadline you made the whole process very easy from our end. You were always quick to respond, did exactly what you said you would do in the time frame you advised and produced great copy to reflect an excellent itinerary. Great work, thank you.

All best

Jarrod Kyte

Travel Expert, Steppes Travel (regarding our new ‘Colombia Uncovered Historical and Archaeological Tour)

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