Colombia is blessed with abundant natural and cultural riches in all of its territory. Its diverse geography means that Colombia is home to a range of unforgettable landscapes such as glaciers, páramo (high-altitude tundra), cloud forest, humid jungle, savannahs, desert and coastline, all of which are home to unique cultures, creating a myriad of sights, smells, sounds and people.

Colombia’s cities offer an exciting setting for urban exploration for a few days, where world class museums, old, beautiful Spanish colonial districts, burgeoning gastronomic scenes and bohemian neighbourhoods will offer memorable highlights to any Colombia tour.

Our cultural and natural discovery tours incorporate a varied and enticing mix of experiences that showcase some of the most well-known destinations, whilst always looking to get under the skin of any local culture, landscape or urban center.Our tours will see you in coffee labs, tasting one of Colombia’s most famous exports, taking part in cooking classes where you’ll learn about local dishes and the ingredients that form them, walking around beautifully preserved Spanish colonial plazas surrounded by 16th century architecture, enjoying the mountain scenery at a typical coffee hacienda, walking through stunning valleys and cloud forest that is typical of the Colombian Andes and finishing off with treks in coastal jungles before a well-deserved stay at a private beach hotel on the Caribbean.

As we know both the well-trodden and not-so-well-trodden paths of Colombia, we’ll make sure that you’ll see and experience what many have not, whilst not losing the true essence of discovery through the very best of what this country has to offer.

Colombia’s people: Myriad of indigenous cultures
Medellin: Modern, social Innovation
Guaviare: Colombia’s most exciting secret…



True local-level knowledge allows for genuine experiences that get to the heart of Colombian culture


You’ll visit spectacular natural landscapes far away from the tourist train


Our tours are tailored to suit the client, to the smallest detail