The Colombian Project Academics.

The Colombian Project is very excited to announce the launch of our new division, The Colombian Project Academics; where we will be offering customized, short-term, faculty-led programs. We’re combining our unmatched experience in both tourism and international education to offer your institution a truly unique academic experience in Colombia. We will work with institutions of higher education, departments and faculty to help you craft, develop and ultimately realize your ideal program abroad in Colombia. Allow us to save you valuable time by coordinating all in-country logistics and in-turn, offer you the opportunity to visit Colombia, to serve as the ultimate extended experiential classroom.

Creating The Ultimate Academic Program to Colombia

Short-term, faculty-led programs can materialize any number of ways but here’s an idea of how it could work. Short-term programs can vary in duration from ten days to a month and require a lot of planning and preparation, but with the over-arching goal that these types of programs can serve as incredibly powerful means to help internationalize your institution and provide the ultimate complement to your on-campus curriculum. We firmly believe that Colombia offers unlimited potential to serve as your international experiential classroom setting. We invite you to contact us, where we can get started formulating, budgeting and ultimately facilitating a program.

The Colombia you may have visited in the past is perhaps not the same Colombia of today. Allow us to not only facilitate all the logistics but also serve as your cultural on-the-ground experts. Traveling and being part of a study abroad program is invigorating and immensely satisfying. That said, cultures, customs and a different pace of a new country can present their own set of unique challenges, however; especially with a group of students in tow. When working with you in the design and development of any given program we take all of this into account to coordinate and prepare the best possible academic experience.  We have an extensive network of universities, faculty and experts that will truly enhance your program.

Essential Info about our tours

Ultimate experiential classroom.

The field awaits.

Highest standard of accommodation for your program.

A landscape conducive for reflection.

A place where exploration is only limited by your imagination

Unique, Highly Diversified Potential Areas for Study

Colombia is boundless with regards to areas of study. Here are just a few examples of potential areas of study for your reference.

Social Issues and Real Estate

Have a city like Bogotá serve as your extended classroom and investigate further just how the Real Estate market is behaving and the social implications related to it in one of Latin America’s most dynamic capitals, in a country with a burgeoning economy.

Religion, Education and Politics

While not specifically unique to Colombia, the intersection of these particular institutions have come together to shape a very interesting and changing modern face of Colombia

Environmental Conservation, Sustainable Tourism and Livelihoods and Post Conflict

With the pending implementation of a historic peace agreement, Colombia faces the challenge to reintegrate thousands of former ex-combatants.  Some have suggested part of the answer may lie in the conservation and tourism sectors – sectors that have been identified as key economic drivers in the post-conflict era with tourism being a shining beacon of hope in the hardest-hit regions. B Corporations have even formed in Colombia. These social enterprises, while implementing business models, also have strong social missions; even in some cases hiring ex-combatants as employees, with the ultimate goal of empowering disenfranchised populations.

Small-Scale Coffee Production

With specialty coffee consumption at an all time high in places like the United States and Europe many consumers don’t know just where their favorite beverage comes from. And in turn some coffee producers don’t even realize that their product is made into a beverage.  Colombia offers the opportunity to delve deeper into one of its main agricultural staples and exports. Potential cross-analysis with other Latin American coffee producing countries could also serve as an excellent area of study/investigation.

Conservation Ecology & Wildlife/Biology

Explore and study further Colombia’s unparalleled bio-diversity and complex ecological regions. Inquire as to how environmental and governmental actors are planning to deal with the expected post-conflict development boom. Colombia may be #1 for birdlife but may become #1 for extinctions very soon.

Media Arts and Journalism

Colombia is experiencing a surge in the field of Media Arts and larger cities like the capital of Bogotá would serve as an ideal location to be immersed in this exciting medium.

We have the contacts in-country to serve as the ultimate complement to your program and we really want your program to be applicable to your curriculum back on campus.  We partner with local organizations, local experts and guides that work directly in the field of interest, providing you and your students with an unmatched experience. And of course all of our academic programs and courses will be complemented with fun dynamic tourism opportunities and excursions as well.

What’s Included

Transportation: All ground transport and airport pick-up and drop-off.

Flights: We can obtain reduced airfare rates that will keep program costs low.

Medical Insurance: We have all participants and faculty enroll in industry standard insurance coverage.

Tour Guides and Entrance Fees: All excursions and activity costs will be covered in the program cost.

Risk Management: Our programs are absolutely as safe as they should be and all risk assessment, analysis and protocols are administered well in advance and in preparation of your program.

Please contact Simon Winograd, Director of Customized Academic Programs to begin partnering with The Colombian Project in developing your ultimate Faculty-Led Program Abroad.

email: [email protected]

Phone: (USA) (+1) 231-835-1298

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What our clients say

From the institution: “Brian and Elsa from the Colombian Project were phenomenal tour guides. They were articulate, heartfelt, knowledgeable, and showcased excellent social skills that put the class at ease in a variety of situations. I would definitely recommend them for future IAPAL groups”.

Scott Allen: “All I can add to this is THANK YOU again. I know what a challenge this was…….and I truly appreciate that you went above-and-beyond on behalf of our valued clients. This was a great tour”.

Institute director and Scott Allen

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