Security in Colombia – How safe is Colombia?


Safety in Colombia – An overview on security in Colombia, written by people who know

Whilst the reputation of Colombia has, in the past, suffered from internal problems, security in Colombia has improved dramatically over the past 10 years and the vast majority of the country is safe to visit, resulting in a burgeoning tourism industry which The Colombian Project is proud to be at at the forefront of.

This is thanks to the Colombian government’s effective great and sustained effort to improve the situation. Here are some facts about security in Colombia.

  • Colombia is now looked at as a leader regionally and as a template internationally for its fight against the drugs trade and slashing of overall crime figures.
  • Colombia will, in the near future, better Peru’s crime rate figures at the current rate of progression. Peru, of course, is the leading trekking destination regionally.
  • Colombia’s capital city has a lower crime rate than the USA´s capital city along with another 7 or so US cities to add.
  • Increased security around the country means increased foreign investor confidence in turn boosting traveller confidence.
  • Robbery rates per 1000 capita stand at 10.5 compared to that of France, Canada, Germany and the United States which all stand at over 30 per 1000 capita (2010).

Colombia / FARC Peace Talks

Current Colombia/FARC peace talks have been ongoing since late 2012 and all but one of the 5 main discussion points have been agreed upon in principle with peace talks seemingly now coming to a close. FARC actions of aggression have fallen by over 98% over the past 12 months and the feeling around the country is a very positive one towards the possible signing of the final accord and a future of peace. We’re reaching an exciting moment in Colombian history, where we can move forward on a road to a long-lasting peace between the FARC and the Colombian government.

Our Safety Policy

We live, work and travel extensively here  and discuss any danger with you before and during your trip with us. Whilst, like any country, you must have your wits about you it wouldn’t be worth our while to offer a trip to a risky destination. Ever.

We’re intrepid travellers, looking for the next best destination that has yet to be seen by the outside eye. That said, we never take unnecessary risks with our own safety, let alone that of our clients.

We always investigate the area that we operate in very thoroughly and we are constantly updating information through our local contacts and with our own knowledge. There are no exceptions to this rule.

Still Unsure?

Check the Foreign and Commonwealth Office website and see their travel advice for Colombia. We follow their guidelines very closely as do our partners in the UK.


Consult with us directly, what you say counts.

From time to time you may hear negative reports about security in Colombia, perhaps to some of the destinations we offer. Here at The Colombian Project it has always been our priority to make sure the safety and wellbeing of our customers is of paramount importance.

We therefore invite you to consult us directly with any questions you may have about safety issues in any of the destination’s we offer.

If we believe that any of our destinations would compromise the safety of our customers we’ll remove that destination from our website immediately.

We don’t want to be alarmist – we want to make sure what you say is heard and reacted upon. After all – you the client – are the most important part of our company.