Colombia Weather

Tropical Colombia Weather

By having a tropical climate Colombia’s weather doesn’t really change throughout the year so there are no seasons as we know them – just two rainy and dry seasons that Colombians call ‘Summer’ and ‘Winter’.

Colombia has warm to hot average temperatures all year round. Cartagena on the Caribbean coast for example averages around 325 days of sunshine a year, even during ‘Winter’.

The severity and length of these seasons also depends on where you are in the country – the coast has slightly more severe and longer dry seasons than the Andean region, for example.

Dry season

The dry seasons generally last from early December to late March and from July to early September though on the coast the rainfall stays low during the whole of September.

Wet Season

The wet season lasts through April to June and from October to early December, though again, it depends on where you are in the country.

Up in the mountains

One of the great attractions of Colombia is the fact that within half and hour of travel, either losing or gaining altitude, you can emerge in a totally different climate, substantially hotter and drier or colder and more humid, depending on where you are. On our mountain treks the temperature will decrease around 6°C for every 1000 metre (3,300 feet) increase in altitude. In the Paramo temperatures average around 5ºC and drop below freezing at night time. Again, variations depend on geography. Wondering what equipment you’ll need? Check out our kit page for recommended equipment lists.

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