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Eastern Andes, Llanos & Amazon Transition

This 10 day tour will take you through the Eastern Andes highlands, cloud forests and wetlands in search of a plethora of birdlife before heading to the panoramic lowland savanna and the oh, so special foothills of this same range. All finished off with the stunning Amazon transition zone where Amazon species mix with those of the Llanos.

10 Days from $2,853

3 Andean Ranges & Magdalena Valley Endemics Trail

Covering Colombia’s 3 Andean ranges and an inter-Andean valley famed for its diversity will only mean one thing – a supremely exciting and comprehensive look at Colombia’s remarkable avian collection. From paramos to to foothills to Pacific/Choco transition zones to tropical forest, this tour is as good as it gets in Colombia’s tropical Andes biodiversity hotspot.

12 days from $4,543 USD

Mitu – Amazon & Guiana Shield

Mitu is located deep in Colombia’s Amazon basin and is a stunning collection of ecosystems, ranging from Guiana Shield rock formations and sandy forest full of restricted specialities, to well preserved Terra firme and Varzea forest, containing the typical array of Amazonian birdlife. Boat trips will display yet more birds as Mitu is explored and the bird count keeps rising and rising.

6 days from $1,884 USD


UK BIRDFAIR (18th – 20th August 2017) Marquee 5 – Stand 12,13,14,15