The Colombian Project – Creating adventures in Colombia through sustainable travel


The Colombian Project was an idea to bring our passion, love and knowledge of Colombia to the world. After 4 years of investigation and development The Colombian Project was born back in July 2013. With over twenty years of combined travel experience in Colombia, our growth since then has been nothing short of remarkable.

The Colombian Project is an independent specialist nature, adventure, culture, history and archaeology tourism tour operator that prides itself on its experiences, most of which are unlike anything on the market.

Our sole aim is to provide cutting edge experiences with excellent service, quality and comfort, all delivered to the specification of our clients, in a way that ensures that the cultures and environments that we visit are preserved and sustained for the future. We tend to exceed expectations!

We are unique in Colombia.


Our commitment to you

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Those who travel with us will have experiences that are unforgettable, during which we will open a window to a world that is not often seen by the human eye with a variety of landscapes and cultures which (we hope) will change your perception of Colombia and the planet forever.



Intrepid travels – Off the beaten track

We have the aim to take intrepid travellers to places that are not known, with natural and cultural riches that are unique on our planet.

Many of the places that we offer are not readily available on the market as you need local knowledge to get to them – something that we thankfully have in abundance, not only because of our own extensive travels and adventures, but also through our network of local guides and experts.



Sustainable Development & Responsible Travel

You the client can feel comfortable in the knowledge that you are travelling in a responsible way with friends who are committed to ensuring that the trip itself will help conserve what we love to see.

The Colombian Project will always look for the best way in which to provide a responsible and sustainable trip to the protected areas that we include within our experiences.



What defines us

Our core values of honesty, integrity, humility and loyalty form the basis by which we work.

Whether you’re an independent traveller or large operator, these values will shine through everything that we do.



Get to know the people behind the project 🙂

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Our Team


 Juan Ortiz

Juan is an ex-project engineer and manager from London who moved to Colombia to make a new life for himself in the travel business after experiences here that changed his life.

A lover of all things natural, he loves to share his knowledge and wonderment for Colombia with others and often leads our more specialist tours. Juan is in charge of destination and experience investigation and development along with the logistical operations of The Colombian Project.

He is always looking for the next adventure in the middle of nowhere and also loves writing and telling the world about what he has just seen. Juan is an avid birder and photographer.

He lives with his family in Cali.


Brian Murphy

Brian is an ex-company director from London who had been thinking of retiring to Colombia for some years and finally did it and has never looked back.

He is a true lover of all things Colombian stemming from over thirteen years of travelling to some of the most remote places in the country.

Brian has a wealth of business experience working in both the private and public sectors and has an undying passion for customer satisfaction and sales. Brian is in charge of The Colombian Project’s global sales team and is always looking to promote Colombia wherever he goes – his insatiable appetite and knowledge is loved by the folks who meet him. Brian also lives with his family in Cali.