The Birds of Colombia

Our experiences are borne from a deep love for birding and our 100% commitment to conserving the places that we visit.

We hand-pick the most productive birding sites in Colombia that deliver those special target species time and time again, resulting in an excellent birding experience.

Our birding tours cover the myriad of geographical regions of Colombia:

  • Tropical Andes biodiversity hotspot – abundant with high-altitude specialities
  • Choco Biogeographical region – the tanager’s playground, home to so many small range endemics and near-endemics
  • Llanos plains – vast gallery forests, gargantuan, colourful riparian birds and other wildlife
  • Colombian Amazon – a plethora of ecosystems, populated by antbirds, cotingas, and other characteristic species
  • Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta – THE most important centre of endemism in South America
  • Caribbean – Coastal savannahs and deserts with beautiful flamingos and other surprises in the bush
  • Inter-Andean valleys – where small-range endemics habit the dry tropical forests of the Cauca and Magdalena basins

Birding for us isn’t about just growing our life list (as it undoubtedly will), it’s experiencing Colombia’s natural habitats in the most natural and best way possible.

Our commitment to conservation and sustainable development has allowed us to make sure that our visits are done in a responsible fashion and through this tourism, we help conserve the birds and the habitats that we love to see.

Essential Info about our tours

The BEST guides & leaders

Our guides are top ornithological experts in Colombia, people who have great experience in the field and who have birded in Colombia their entire lives. They also have great personalities which is maybe more key than anything else!!






We include the local community

  We always use local guides and the local community as much as we can.



No limits to locations

  We are NOT limited to a specific chain of reserves. Colombia as a whole is our birding playground



Not just one leader & Specialist leaders

We are not limited to just one tour leader and will always have someone of TOP quality available to lead a tour, whatever the time of year. We also use professional bird photography leaders for those who have an avid interest.






We’re inclusive, not exclusive

We cater to different levels of birding experience and interests – from curious travellers who are just starting to explore their new hobby, to hard-core birders looking to add a bunch of Colombian endemics to their life list.






Always searching

We love to look for the next important site, allowing the promotion and sustainable development of some of Colombia’s remotest corners




Days 1 – 4:  Fly to Bogota. Visit to the páramo of PNN Chingaza and Siecha Gravel Pits. Day 3 visit to the páramo of Sumapaz and Chicaque nature reserve. Next day head to Laguna El Tabacal and the Enchanted Garden nearby. Drive to Victoria, Caldas on the evening of Day 4.

Days 5 – 8: Birding in the inter-Andean Middle Magdalena River Valley in Victoria, Caldas. Transfer to Recinto del Pensamiento for dinner. PNN Los Nevados then onto Rio Blanco lodge. Full day birding at Rio Blanco Nature Reserve. Visit Ecoparque Los Alcazares and Balsora Lake. Transfer to Flora and Fauna Sanctuary Otun-Quimbaya.

Days 9 – 12: Full morning birding at SFF Otun-Quimbaya. Transfer to Apia. Next day full morning birding at Apia and Agualinda Reserve. Transfer to Cerro Montezuma. Birding at Cerro Montezuma. Day 12 morning birding at Cerro Montezuma. Transfer to Buga along the inter-Andean Cauca River Valley, birding selected wetlands and forest along the way.

Days 13 – 15: Birding at Laguna de Sonso before transferring onto Cali hotel. Next day visit to KM18 and Finca Alejandria. Next day visit the San Antonio Cloud Forest and Andean Cock-of-the-Rock lek. Afternoon transfer to Cali airport for flight home.



14-Day fully guided itinerary from $3,000 USD / £2,065 GBP





(Based on 8pax sharing on a twin occupancy basis)

Private departures and group tours of up to 8pax available


January to March; June to September; November and December





NOTE: Birding tours can be offered all year round but both rainy seasons have significant rainfall


Target Species:

  • Cauca Guan
  • Blue-billed Curassow
  • Chestnut-fronted Wood-Quail
  • Bogota Rail
  • Yellow-eared Parrot
  • Rufous-fronted Parakeet
  • Fuerte’s Parrot
  • Black Inca
  • Golden-bellied Starfrontlet
  • Green-bearded Helmetcrest
  • Buffy Helmetcrest
  • Blossomcrown
  • Greyish Piculet
  • Beautiful Woodpecker
  • Brown-banded Antpitta
  • Bar-crested Antshrike
  • Andean Cock-of-the-Rock
  • Club-winged Manakin
  • Apolinar’s Wren
  • Munchique Wood-Wren
  • Gold-ringed Tanager
  • Black-and-gold Tanager
  • Multi-coloured Tanager
  • Blue-whiskered Tanager
  • Masked Saltator
  • Crested Ant-Tanager
  • Red-bellied Grackle
  • Santa Marta endemics (21!!)
  • Perija Range endemics

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What our clients say

I would be less than professional if I did not sincerely compliment you on the exceptional quality of not only the tour description but also your obvious expertise in photography and “birding”. Both were fantastic and greatly appreciated. I am equally as pleased with your willingness to work with me financially to create a viable project… I believe that your work in this will not go without reward. A number of years ago when Corinne first introduced us, I had attempted to offer Colombia to two of my Study + Leadership clients, at that time, without success. I kept marketing Colombia (your project) and we now have a tour arriving this coming February. Though I am not always successful, I do remember my suppliers and value their contribution to my success in these special fields. I am delighted to include The Colombian Project in my listing of recommended tour operators worldwide and will certainly promote your company where possible. I hope that, one of these days, I will have the opportunity to meet you and Brian.

Scott Allen

Frederick Travel Waterloo

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